2017 - 2018

2017 - 2018

AB 14 (2017-18) - The California DISCLOSE Act

AB 14, The California DISCLOSE Act, would increase campaign finance transparency by making it easier for voters to see the original funders of political ads. The DISCLOSE Act requires the plain language disclosure of the top three original funders on television and video ads.

AB 14 is currently in the Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee.



AB 155 (2017-18) – The Fake News Act of 2017 

AB 155, The Fake News Act of 2017, will help develop curriculum that will educate our students on ways to identify fake news. By teaching our students how to judge online content to make sure they are reading and using credible resources we will be ensuring the upcoming generations of online readers possess the analytical skills needed to spot fake news.

AB 155 is currently in the Assembly Education Committee.


AB 245 (2017-18) – Hazardous Waste Facilities Permits and Financial Assurance 

AB 245 will require the Department of Toxic Substance Control to hold a public meeting within 90 days of receiving a renewal application from an operator of a hazardous waste facility. This bill will also require DTSC to review the financial assurances of a hazardous waste facility at least once every 5 years. AB 245 is currently in the Assembly Appropriations committee. 



AB 249 (2017-18) – Penalties for Hazardous Waste Facilities

AB 249 will increase the maximum penalty the Department of Toxic Substance Control can assess for noncompliance with the Hazardous Waste Control Law from $25,000 a day to $37,500 a day.

AB 249 is currently in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.



AB 379 (2017-18) - The California Kickstart My Future Student Loan Forgiveness Program

AB 379 will create the “California Kickstart My Future” student loan forgiveness program under the California Student Aid Commission. The program will provide 2 years of federal student loan relief to recent college graduates living in California. Between rising tuition rates, a rapidly inflating housing market, and increasingly unsustainable amounts of student loan debt, our graduates face unprecedented challenges. AB 379 will provide California graduates with a little breathing room to become established in a career before having to repay their loans.

AB 379 is currently in the Assembly Higher Education Committee.



AB 500 (2017-18) – School Employee Code of Conduct

AB 500 will require all public and private schools in California that have a school employee code of conduct to give parents a copy of their code at the beginning of the school year and for schools to post the code of conduct on their school or district website.

AB 500 is currently in the Assembly Education Committee.



AB 617 (2017-18) – Preregistration Education

AB 617 would require the Instruction Quality Commission to consider the addition of curriculum related to preregistering to vote in high school government courses.

AB 617 is currently in the Assembly Education Committee.


AB 964 (2017-18) – CA Affordable Clean Vehicle Program

AB 964 would create the California Affordable Clean Vehicle Program, which would be a program to assist low-income or high financial risk individuals in the purchase of low-emission vehicles through qualified loans.

AB 964 is currently in the Assembly Transportation Committee.



ACR 7 (2017-18) - "Vin Scully Highway" 

ACR 7 would name the portion of the Los Angeles 110 freeway the “Vin Scully Freeway.” The portion to be named is the stretch leading to Dodger Stadium between US Route 101 and Interstate 5. Vin Scully is an iconic American whose life's work transcends baseball. With over 67 years as the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Scully’s voice is recognized by millions of fans through-out the world. He is a cornerstone fixture not only of Dodgers baseball, but Los Angeles’ identity. It is fitting to name the freeway in his honor to recognize his impact and legacy.  Dodger Stadium is located within State Assembly District 51.

ACR 7 is currently in the Assembly Transportation Committee.



HR 15 (2017-18) - Condemning President Trumps Ban on Muslim Immigrants and Refugees

House Resolution 15 has the effect of officially marking the State Assembly’s opposition to Trump’s dangerous and misguided executive order.  The resolution, HR 15, rejects all provisions outlined by the President’s Executive Order signed on January 27, 2017, and makes various findings and declarations, among them that the Immigration Act of 1965 bans discrimination on the basis of national origin, and that Trump’s order sets a negative precedent that our country is no longer a beacon of hope by turning away those who seek to come to America for a better life.

HR 15 was passed by the California State Assembly on February 13th.