Working Against Gun Violence in the Assembly

California Says Enough

Dear Friend,

June 3rd is National Gun Violence Awareness Day. California is among the states with the lowest rate of gun violence. In light of the shootings in Uvalde, Buffalo, California's own Laguna Woods, and countless others, we say "enough is enough" and reaffirm that there is no level of gun violence that is acceptable.

In the last decade, the Assembly has passed nearly 100 laws aimed at reducing gun violence and these efforts have kept us consistently below the national average in terms of gun death.

We can do better.

I am writing to let you know the Assembly has passed a package of gun violence prevention bills that will make it harder to flood communities with weapons and will help keep illegal guns out of the hands of those most likely to commit violence. Among them are:

  • AB 1594 allows survivors of gun violence to file a civil action for damages against a gun manufacturer, importer or dealer;
  • AB 2571 prohibits marketing or advertising of firearms to minors;
  • AB 2156 reduces the amount of firearms that can be made without a license in a year, from 50 to three;
  • AB 1621 restricts the sale of largely untraceable ghost guns and their precursor parts;
  • AB 1769 partners with Ventura County to prohibit gun shows at the Ventura County Fairground;
  • AB 2552 will increase oversight of gun shows;
  • AB 2239 creates a 10-year firearm prohibition for people convicted of child abuse and violent elder and dependent adult abuse; and
  • AB 1929 requires the Department of Health Care Services to establish in Medi-Cal a violence prevention and recovery program.

I recently spoke in support and joined as co-author to pass House Resolution (HR) 107 recognizing National Gun Violence Awareness Day and urging Congress to act. Click the image below to watch my remarks on the Assembly floor.

Photo of Assemblymember Carrillo speaking on the Assembly floor

I know this is a difficult time for many of us. Please feel free to contact me regarding this or any state issue of concern to you.

In Service,

Wendy Carrillo signature

Assemblymember, District 51
Chair, Assembly Budget Subcommittee No.4 on State Administration