California’s Reproductive Justice Agenda Amid the Overturning of Roe v Wade

California’s Reproductive Justice Agenda Amid the Overturning of Roe v Wade

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On June 24, 2022, the United States Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to overturn Roe v Wade, which stood since 1973 and generally protected a woman's right to have an abortion. The overturning means each state can create their own laws related to abortion, and many states are expected to outlaw or severely restrict abortion access.

California has led and will continue to lead on comprehensive reproductive healthcare, healthcare justice, reproductive freedom, and women’s bodily autonomy. We will continue to lead by example through our commitment to protect all individuals seeking an abortion and care.

This week, I co-authored Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA) 10, which explicitly protects abortion in California by constitutional amendment, shielding our state from the national assault on women’s reproductive rights.

As we live through unprecedented times, I am hopeful, but work is still to be done. In partnership with the California Legislative Women’s Caucus and the California Future of Abortion Council, I am one of many others moving a reproductive justice agenda for our state. Below are a few highlights:

  • AB 1666 (Bauer-Kahan) will protect patients and providers in California from civil actions and financial retaliation they face for providing abortion care that’s legal in the State of California;
  • AB 2091 (Bonta) protects patient privacy, ensuring out-of-state subpoenas seeking information related to patients who received reproductive healthcare in California are not granted;
  • AB 2205 (Carrillo) requires insurers to submit an annual report containing information on how much money is currently in those accounts and how much is being used each year to pay claims;
  • AB 2626 (Calderon) protects abortion providers by preventing professional boards from revoking or suspending a license for providing lawful abortion care in California or other states;
  • AB 2586 (Garcia) addresses reproductive health disparities that Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color face, by: 1) developing responsive policy recommendations centered in a Reproductive Justice framework; and 2) supporting Reproductive Justice community-based organizations to equip disparately impacted community members.
  • AB 2223 (Wicks) will ensure that no one in the State of California will be investigated, prosecuted, or incarcerated for ending a pregnancy or experiencing pregnancy loss;

For a full list of Reproductive Justice legislation, click HERE.

Lastly, the California Budget is a reflection of our values. This cycle, we are moving a $205 million investment related to abortion access and reproductive justice. The legislature will be sending this budget to the Governor for signature.

California will continue to lead, and I am grateful to be in a place to help push an agenda that helps people and offers support.

Please feel free to contact me regarding this or any state issue of concern to you.

In Service,

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Assemblymember, District 51
Chair, Assembly Budget Subcommittee No.4 on State Administration
Chair, Select Committee on Young Girls and Women of Color
Vice Chair, Legislative Progressive Caucus